About Dr. Kadek

Dr. Kadek Dwi Muras Mei Permatasari is an Ayurvedic doctor from Indonesia who currently living in Gianyar, Bali. She completed her BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery ) in 2019 from A.L.N.R.M.Ayurvedic Medical College Koppa, Karnataka, India under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. She completed her 6 years BAMS course with 8th University rank in Research Methodology & Statistic subject in the final year. Before she joins BAMS, in 2012 she also undergoes a short course in Yoga Education from Maharshi Patanjali Institute for Yoga Naturopathy Education and Research in Gujarat Ayurveda University Jamnagar. During her academy years, she attends it many Nasional and International seminar on Ayurveda which was conducted at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Trivandrum and Hyderabad city of India and even due to her passion towards Ayurveda she was also awarded participation as a presenter of Research paper under the title The Clinical Study to Evaluate the efficacy of Kati Basti in the Management of Gridhrasi (sciatica) which was conducted by WACA ( World Ayurveda Conference Ahmedabad 2019)

Meanwhile, she also loves to share her knowledge in her leisure time about Ayurveda in her Youtube channel also. As she finished her graduation in India she went back to her home town Bali, Indonesia, and start to give and share knowledge of Ayurveda and even she invited to give class for Ayurveda a few times in Surabaya for community people from CV. Cahaya Visi Indonesia Amsarveda. Dr. Kadek Dwi Muras Mei Permatasari an Ayurvedic doctor looking to help your disease by pure herbal Medicine and special Ayurvedic treatment procedures.